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Selective Melanotropin Ligands for Neurodegeneration, Depression, or Mood Disorders

UArizona researchers have developed inventions that use selective melanocortin receptor ligands to treat neurodegeneration & depression


Melanocyte-stimulating hormones (MSH) have been proven to provide protection for the brain, allowing for the protection and recovery of neurons. MSH are theorized to be able to produce neuromelanin but the MSH have no selectivity toward the melanocortin receptors. Currently there is a need for a selective melanocortin receptor ligands.

MC3R and MC4R are under-targeted in treatments for neurodegenerative diseases. SHU9119 is a peptide chain that is known to interact with Melanocortin Receptors. The receptors themselves are a series of five receptors that are difficult to isolate for targeted drug therapy. One of the inventions below relates to a modified version of SHU9119 that can antagonize MC5R and rend it inert to further chemical reactions. This allows rapidly acting

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