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hiPSC-derived Pancreatic Beta Cells

Human induced pluripotent stem cell derived pancreatic insulin producing cells. These cells express markers of pancreatic islet such as PDX1 and INS. Loss of this population is the cause of type I diabetes which results in dependence of patients on insulin injection.

Trailhead Biosystems hiPSC-derived pancreatic islets are generated by a novel short-term direct differentiation protocol that takes advantage of HD-DoE approach to guide the cells to definitive endoderm with almost 80% of cells expressing FOXA2 and maturation toward endocrine cells without any genetic reprogramming and manipulations. This method enabled Trailbio to screen more than 100 compounds to identify the optimal differentiation protocol that can generate an insulin producing population from PDX1/SOX9 positive endoderm progenitors without any evidence of presence

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