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CAR-NK Therapy for Lupus

Human NK cells with chimeric antigen receptors targeting aberrant immune system signaling involved in auto-antibody production


Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) is one of more than 80 disease states that evolve from immune system dysregulation. Advances in the understanding of the genetics and pathobiology of SLE are leading to a new generation of advanced biologics in development to target specific sources of dysfunction.

Technology Overview

Researchers at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital have combined chimeric antigen receptor technology with new discoveries in the regulation of adaptive immunity to target a specific cell component of the immune system. This novel approach is expected to target aberrant signaling between follicular helper T cells and the germinal center B cells that are central to the development and maintenance of pathogenic auto-antibody secretion that contributes to the development of SLE. This

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