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Miniaturized Chemical Detectors For Point-Of-Care Diagnosis

A new detector for medical diagnosis, miniaturizing the system without compromising performance

Technology Overview

Building on decades of portable chemical analysis research, Sandia’s latest chemical detector, based on their miniaturized pulse-discharged ionization detector (mini-PDID), makes it possible to diagnose illnesses by identifying volatile organic compounds (VOCs) associated with certain diseases and infections on a patient’s breath or in the headspace of biological fluids. The Sandia system consists of a microfabricated sample preconcentrator, micro gas chromatography columns, and a miniaturized pulsed-discharge ionization detector. This system is sensitive enough to detect trace levels of analytes (parts per billion to parts per trillion range), making it possible to detect specific VOCs released by a pathogen, the patient, or both. This non-invasive diagnostic tool is inexpensive, portable, low‑power, durable, and is designed for bed-side or field

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