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FÍOSÍN: Social Media Analysis for Decision Making in Emergency Management

FÍOSÍN harnesses data from a range of sources to automatically aggregate and filter both image and text messages into actionable information


Social Media has become a primary source of information, with citizens sharing information on ongoing situations.

Technology Overview

The FÍOSÍN Social Media Monitor automatically aggregates and filters relevant messages into actionable information. Control room technologies currently monitor various streams of information (phones, webcams, GIS maps), but they have not yet effectively integrated social media data. Featuring advanced methods in machine learning as well as natural language processing, our platform filters noise to assist decision making.

FÍOSÍN uses machine learning techniques to automatically improve its own algorithm while data is being collected () ().

The system assists in:

  • distribution of resources
  • aids communication strategy
  • verifying existing information
  • generating data for reporting and training

When Hurricane Matthew

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