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Handheld PCR Instrument

A novel handheld PCR device that can process up to two assays per chamber module, or four total assays per biological sample.


Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a powerful laboratory research and diagnostic technique used to amplify small amount of DNA or RNA in samples by many orders of magnitude. Small quantities of DNA or RNA, such as those found in small shards of shrapnel in a battlefield wound, are often not enough to analyze for potential contagions or signs of bio-weapons. Amplifying these samples through PCR supplies scientists and investigators alike with sufficient quantity of genetic material to conduct their research or tests. DNA, and particularly RNA, however, are often prone to rapid degradation. Transporting samples from the battlefield to the lab while maintaining their viability is thus an onerous endeavor, which necessitates on-site, real-time PCR technology.

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