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Engineered Lactobacilli for Use in Oral Vaccines Against Human Coronaviruses (Covid-19)

An oral vaccine targeting the COVID-19 virus-host cell interaction to prevent exposure of viral fusion peptides


Emergence of novel human coronaviruses from animal reservoirs has likely been ongoing throughout the history of humanity. Only recently has this come to our attention because of technological advances to detect new viruses and the devastating potential of rapid spread achieved by global movement of people. Despite persistent efforts, there are no efficacious vaccines available against human coronaviruses or most animal coronaviruses. Coronavirus infection in populations is characterized by a variety of virologic and serologic states that may not be associated with clinical disease. For example, virus shedding can vary in duration and may be episodic or persistent. Seropositivity does not predict virus shedding and may not persist once virus is cleared, so reinfection is possible. The outcome is

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