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Identification of Nucleic Acid Subsequences in a Mixture

A system for identifying all known and unknown pathogenic or non-pathogenic organisms in a sample.


There are trillions of unique microorganisms on this planet and identifying and analyzing specific viruses, pathogens, or other microorganisms in clinical or environmental samples can be challenging. Culturing viruses and certain other microorganisms for differentiation analysis is difficult. Few, if any, repeated sequences between microorganism genomes indicates fickle lineage between species and confounds the limited information available on, say, viral and other pathogen backgrounds. Metagenomics has been beneficial in providing metagenomic libraries, however, many metagenomic sequences have no homologues present in their databases, a key identifying factor for organisms. Improving the ability to identify and differentiate between organism families plays a key part in epidemic preparation and response.

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