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Livermore Tomography Tools (LTT)

An innovative software package for CT reconstruction called Livermore Tomography Tools (LTT)


Computed Tomography (CT) is a common imaging modality used in industrial, healthcare, and security settings. It is widely used at LLNL for non-destructive evaluation using all manner of waves and particles (e.g., x-rays, neutrons, protons). During a common CT scan, a beam of x-rays is passed through an object (whether a person, airport luggage or industrial part), recorded from many angles on a detector, then processed by a computer to generate 2D cross-sectional images or tomographic slices of the object. A number of these tomographic image slices are then digitally stacked together to form a full 3D volume of the object’s interior.

Many types of CT reconstruction and analysis software methods have been implemented since its invention in the

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