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Coating Mild Steel with Graphene for Corrosion Protection

A method of coating mild steel using chemical vapour deposition for multi-layers of graphene with functional intermediate layers.


Graphene coating of metals has been shown to produce excellent corrosion resistance. Among the various methods of preparation, chemical vapour deposition (CVD) is one the most promising as this method can produce a high quality graphene coating. Some issues encountered when attempting to coat mild steel with graphene through CVD are:

  • CVD causes carbon to be produced at the surface due to catalytic dissociation of a hydrocarbon
  • Catalytic efficiency of iron and its alloys is much less than copper and nickel substrates, which are commonly used to synthesize graphene coating
  • Iron alloys and nickel have very high solubility of carbon at CVD temperatures (800-1000˚C)
  • Excessive carbon diffusion is known to cause steel to become brittle

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