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Remote Portable Vital Signs Monitoring for Rapid Screening of Patients with COVID-19 Symptoms

Based on thermal and optical sensing analysis of digital imaging, this technology allows rapid measurement of patients from a distance


COVID-19 is a particularly insidious and infectious disease. Healthcare workers (HCWs), even when wearing appropriate personal protective equipment, can be infected when treating COVID-19 patients in close proximity. Furthermore, patients present with varying symptoms, with most patients suffering from more uniform symptoms such as fever and respiratory failure only in the later stages of the illness. Therefore, there is an urgent need to reduce the exposure of Health care workers (HCWs) during patient screening and treatment. Patients with this infection can rapidly deteriorate, and this instability is compounded by the fact that they are isolated and effectively “out of sight”. As such, there is an immediate need for smart remote monitoring technology that can leverage the ability of HCWs

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