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Destroying Microbes Using a Proprietary Green Tea & Copper(II) Based Formulation

A green non-toxic disinfectant capable of killing all five of the most common food-borne pathogens, including norovirus.


In 2017, California passed a law called the “Cleaning Product Right to Know Act” that mandates all cleaning product manufacturers to disclose the ingredients in their formulations both on the label and the website by January 1, 2020. New York quickly followed suit by imposing a similar regulation on cleaning products sold in their state. This trend toward ingredient transparency is likely to cascade throughout the States, and industry mainstays, such as Tide, have already adopted this practice. Although these regulations may impose the challenge of educating consumers that a long, difficult-to-pronounce chemical name does not equate to a dangerous ingredient, this can be viewed as a tremendous marketing opportunity to differentiate your company from competitors. Pursuing “green” cleaning

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