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MARS Bioimaging for COVID-19 Therapy Monitoring

MARS imaging to help COVID-19 treatment monitoring and drug development


The current standard for definitive diagnosis of COVID-19 is the real-time reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). While this is a highly sensitive and specific test for COVID-19, it does not measure the severity nor progress of the associated lung disease.

Technology Overview

CERN Technology/MARS imaging could help COVID-19 treatment monitoring and drug development

MARS technology utilises the varying absorption of X-rays across the diagnostic energy range. This enables MARS to generate functional imaging by simultaneously identifying and quantifying various components of tissues as well as exogenously administered pharmaceutical agents such as nanoparticles. Hence there is the possibility of having a tagging agent for lung injury and fibrosis that can be visualised. This would enable both highly specific and quantitative

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