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The use of Natural Anti-oxidants to Inhibit Lipid Oxidation in Low Moisture Foods

Natural anti-oxidants from a plant species increased anti-oxidant activity in low moisture foods and extended shelf life.


The consumption of omega-3 fatty acids is associated with reducing the incidence of cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases which has led to the food industry supplementing foods with omega-3s to confer health benefits. One drawback to this is that these polysaturated fatty acids are highly liable to lipid oxidation, resulting in their breakdown and the loss of these health promoting benefits as well as the development of off-flavors. Antioxidants are added to these lipid-rich foods to slow the rate of oxidation. However, concerns about synthetic antioxidants such as BHT has created a need for natural antioxidants that convey similar health benefits without the concerns of toxicity associated with the synthetic compounds.

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