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Multi-level Structured Program for the Treatment of Endometriosis

Combined multi-modal Environmental Enrichment modules integrate psychological, behavioral and stress reduction interventions


Endometriosis is a chronic inflammatory disorder in which endometrial tissue (e.g., glands and stroma) is found outside the uterus and characterized by peritoneal inflammation resulting in severe and chronic pelvic pain, increased risk of infertility, and stress. The symptoms may be incapacitating and disruptive of day-to-day activities, affecting relationships and work productivity. Unfortunately, the resulting stress of women suffering from endometriosis contributes to the progression of the disease, which still has no cure. Traditional treatments generally include surgical procedures or pharmacological agents that could lead to a variety of side effects. Finding an effective and long-term treatment for endometriosis remains a significant challenge in the field of gynecological pathologies.

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