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Biomarker Profile to Predict Post-Traumatic Distress and Chronic Pain

A robust three protein-based biomarker panel blood test to measure chronic pain and categorize individuals into three recovery trajectories


Pain and distress are difficult to quantify. Outcomes for acute musculoskeletal injuries (trauma) are currently suboptimal with an estimated 10-50% of injured individuals reporting persistent problems. The search for biomarkers of post-traumatic distress and tools to identify those at risk of chronic pain (non-recovery) following trauma has been underway for decades. Previously, multiple biomarkers have been attributed to pain – however, none have provided a quantitative measurement and not focused on recovery. To date, no biomarker panels have been identified to that can be used to identify post-trauma pain and focus on recovery. By identifying and stratifying patients suffering from chronic pain early in their disease process using unique and quantifiable biomarkers, there is an opportunity to initiate targeted

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