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Sugar-Based Low Molecular Weight Hydrogels from Alkyl Glycolipids

This technology is a series of sugar-based low molecular weight hydrogels that can be used for biomedicine, environmental science, and more


Hydrogels have been utilized in many biomedical fields, including dermatology, drug delivery systems, stem cell delivery systems, bonding and coating systems, tissue engineering or repairing systems, wound healing, cell culture, etc. One current field of study is concerned with tissue and tissue manipulation using poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) compounds. Another field of study is using biopolymer-based hydrogels as scaffolds or artificial extracellular matrices that provide growth spaces for cells from the viewpoint of tissue engineering. The scaffolds or artificial extracellular matrices allow cells to grow better or in desired directions for the purpose of tissue engineering. Some of the biopolymers currently used for producing hydrogels include polysaccharides such as glycogen, chitosan, cellulose, and hyaluronic acid. These biopolymers are often converted

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