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Fully Recyclable, Non-combustible Insulating Material Made of Mineral Plastic for use in Building Construction, Vehicle Construction and Housings for Electronic Devices

A bio-inspired hybrid material, can solve many of the problems associated with conventional insulation and damping materials


Energy-efficient construction and home improvement or refurbishment are becoming increasingly important. Rising energy prices as well as governmental requirements and support programs for energy saving and the avoidance of climate-damaging greenhouse gases will further increase the importance of suitable for insulation and lagging in the coming years. Insulation materials in the building industry therefore have considerable market potential. Global consumption of insulation materials is expected to reach up to 579 million cubic meters in 2025, with Europe alone accounting for more than 200 million cubic meters. In regions with rather colder climates, thermal insulation minimizes heat loss and thus energy consumption, whereas in hotter climates insulation acts as a heat barrier. The latter is also becoming increasingly important in

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