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ELP Biologics™ - A Versatile Drug Delivery System

The ELP drug delivery system enhances the pharmacokinetic properties of your therapeutic peptide or drug.


To overcome hurdles in the delivery of your therapeutic peptide or drug to improve its efficacy and safety.

Technology Overview

The ELP drug delivery system facilitates the delivery of your peptide or drug based therapeutic agent for the treatment of your disease of interest. Some examples include cancer, neurodegenerative disease, preeclampsia, kidney disease and ocular disease. The Elastin-Like Polypeptide (ELP) allows an organ targeting peptide and/or a cell penetrating peptide at one end and a therapeutic peptide and/or drug binding domain at the other ().

The ELP core is a natural biopolymer made up of repeating units of a five to seven amino acid motif. It contains a “guest residue” in the repeated motif that can be any amino

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