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A Safe, Tolerable, Non-Antibiotic Agent to Prevent or Treat Infection

An advancement of a Lactobacillus system that represents a vaccine platform to express surface antigens to mitigate infection/COVID-19


Clostridium difficile is an antibiotic resistant bacteria that propagates quickly after antibiotics have eliminated growth competitors, causing antibiotic-related diarrhea. The new strains presented here have proven themselves safe and effective in animal studies and have several bio control measures including loss of plasmid at body temperature unless integrated into the bacteria as well as loss of the lactic acid bacterial strains after a few days due to engineered auxotrophies. These strains are lost from the GI tract unless continually dosed, making them a safe, inexpensive and effective alternative to antibiotic treatment of C. difficile.

While originally developed to treat C. difficile, this has potential for COVID-19 therapeutics.

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