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Sulfur-Based Polyols Polyurethanes and Novel Polymeric Materials, Including Non-Halogenated Flame Retardants

These technologies transform sulfur waste product from petroleum refining into high value polymeric materials


Research efforts have been directed towards exploiting the special high-performance characteristics of polymers with sulfur in the backbone. Sulfur is a byproduct of refining petroleum which has limited use and is being stockpiled. These sulfur-containing polymers fall under various classes and cover an extremely broad property range.

Technology Overview

These inventions consist of novel sulfur-based polyol polymers which are highly soluble in polar organic solvents and are made in a single chemical step from elemental sulfur. This chemistry enables new polyurethane compositions from sulfur comonomers. The method of synthesis can be easily scaled to large-scale production, and can be processed into water or polar solvent-based formulations. The material may be sprayed or processed into films. Various product families can

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