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Cellular Assays and New Product Development for COVID-19 Cytokine Storm

A novel approach for developing potential new anti-inflammatory products as adjunctive interventions in COVID-19 cytokine storm


Scientific evidence from in vitro and human studies have shown that many of the fatalities associated with severe cases of COVID-19 are linked to an exaggerated form of immune activation by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus which causes the disease. These immune reactions are characterised by a vicious cycle of hyper-inflammation involving production of large amounts of pro-inflammatory cytokines which directly cause acute lung injury and acute respiratory distress observed in some fatal cases of the disease (cytokine storm). Consequently, the cytokine storm provides an excellent target and opportunity for the development of new healthcare products to treat severe symptoms of COVID-19, especially those associated with hyper-inflammation-mediated lung injury. Currently dexamethasone, an anti-inflammatory corticosteroid has been shown to provide some benefits.

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