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Bioplastics from Organic Fraction of MSW

Flexible method (TRL5-6) to convert urban bio-waste into valuable bio-based film, in a single integrated anaerobic digestion biorefinery


To date, the polymers that can be involved in the realization of sustainable packaging range from recycled polymers to compostable biodegradable polymers, as well as bio-based but non-biodegradable polymers. The production of biobased polymers using waste as second generation raw material is finding large application. Nonetheless, specialization of biorefineries that can convert waste into new biobased products is still to come.

The proposed invention is a process of anaerobic digestion in separate phases to optimize the biological production of Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs ‑ precursor to bioplastics) from the organic fraction of domestic solid waste. This method uses mixed microbial cultures (MMCs) and is based on the combination of a three-stage biological process in sequence with a two-step fermented flow filtering

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