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Photopolymer for High Performance Applications

A thermally and chemically robust photopolymer with superior mechanical properties


In 2016, researchers at the University of Albany discovered that visible light promoted addition of a fluorinated aryl sulfide. This new reaction constitutes the key step in a stepgrowth polymerization reaction that forms high-performance polymeric products. In 2020, an international partner opened a new plant to prepare this crucial reactive intermediate on a commercial scale to enable testing and development.

Technology Overview

Inventors at the University at Albany have developed a photopolymerization system that on visible light irradiation yields a stepgrowth polymer that is thermally and chemically stable. The polymer films exhibit remarkable hardness and stiffness while being sensitive to EUV and E-beam irradiation. In situ photocuring of the films can double the hardness of the films. Both monomer

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