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Improving Crystallization and Toughness of PLA with a Novel Bio-based Additive

Fully bio-based nucleating & reinforcing agent for improved bio-plastic processability and properties


The bioplastics industry is currently experiencing significant growth. This growth is being driven by increasing demand for sustainable products by both consumers and brand owners. Polylactic acid (PLA) is a commercial bioplastic that is in high demand. However, PLA cannot always compete successfully with conventional petroleum-based polymers because of its limited thermo-mechanical properties, including slow crystallization kinetics and inherent brittleness. This leaves a large segment of the potential market untapped.

Technology Overview

This technology addresses the limitations of existing PLA-modification strategies and provides PLA processors (injection moulding and/or thermoforming) with an efficient and cost-effective way of improving processability and properties (crystallization kinetics, degree of crystallinity, toughness, and rigidity) without compromising bio-based content. The use of this fully bio-based nucleating

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