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Immobilized Phosphoric Acids for Catalysis and Synthesis of Carbohydrates

Reusable chiral catalysts for custom carbohydrate synthesis and other selective reactions


Carbohydrates are essential molecules with numerous biological roles. The exploration of the functions and medicinal properties of carbohydrates has been hampered by the difficulty of synthesizing the complex oligosaccharides and glycoconjugates needed.

Several decades ago, similar difficulties plagued the study of proteins until Robert Merrifield developed his Nobel prize-winning solid phase peptide synthesis technology. Now referred to as Merrifield resins, this technology enabled the automated synthesis of bespoke peptides and revolutionized academic, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical research.

Carbohydrate synthesis has proven to be more challenging, due to such factors as multiple functional groups present on carbohydrates, axial versus equatorial configurations, linear and branched chain configurations, and so on. Although one pot methodologies are being developed, these techniques still rely on

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