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Pre-Symptomatic Detection Technology for Covid-19 and Other Pathogens

Saliva-based testing solutions: one ready now for confirmatory testing that’s lab-based; and one to enable home testing within minutes


All COVID-19 diagnostics currently being used detect biomolecules indicating infection after it’s too late. The person has been contagious and symptomatic for days or weeks.

Global Public Health entities need a test that is non-invasive and self-administered, that detects infection before the person is symptomatic or contagious.

Technology Overview

Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder have developed two saliva-based solutions, one ready now for confirmatory testing that’s lab based (CoVScreen), and one requiring additional resources to accelerate its development (CoVStick).

CoVStick fully addresses the problem above while CoVScreen improves current practice ().

Further Details:

Scientists developing COVID-19 test that knows you’re sick before you do, CU Boulder Today

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