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Isosorbide-Based Methacrylate Monomer for High Tg Polymers

An isosorbide derivative which can be polymerised and used in block polymers with a high glass transition temperature and thermal stability.


Currently, almost all commercially available high-Tg polymers are derived from nonrenewable, petroleumbased feedstocks. However, using biorenewable sugar derivatives such as isosorbide is becoming increasingly cost effective over petroleum-based analogues. Furthermore, these sugar derivatives are chemically rigid and functional, making them highly desired as biobased polymer building blocks. Isosorbide has been used in a wide variety of polymers, including polyesters, polycarbonates, polyethers and polyurethanes, and its structure and functionality is often compared to bisphenol A (BPA).

Technology Overview

A new isosorbide derivative has been synthesised which can be polymerised and incorporated into block polymers. The monomer, AMI (acetylated methacrylic isosorbide), can be efficiently synthesised in two steps from commercially available starting materials. It can be polymerised using a variety of

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