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Infection Control System for Resuscitation and Airway Management

This system provides a pliable, translucent barrier between the patient and medical staff, while allows visibility and access to the patient


Acute respiratory and cardiovascular compromise are the top causes of death in the US. These conditions require rapid clinical intervention to increase the chance of survival for patients. Management of patients in acute respiratory distress or in cardiopulmonary arrest involves rapid intubation to control the patient’s airway and/or cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), both of which expose healthcare providers to significant contamination of aerosolized infectious contents from the patient’s lungs. The resuscitation involves close contact with the patient to perform CPR including chest compressions, airway support, and other life saving measures depending on the circumstances. Such patients may have infections (such as COVID-19) either incidental to their current acute medical condition or as a result of such an infection. The infectious

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