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Newly Synthesized Bio-based Polysulfone

A renewable, safer alternative to BPA-based polysulfones for use in healthcare, food contact, and biomedical applications.

Technology Overview

Researchers at the University of Delaware have successfully synthesized BGF-polysulfone polymer from Bisguaiacol F (BGF) and 4,4’-difluorodiphenyl sulfone (DFDP). This can be a game-changer for bio-based polysulfones usage and be the necessary replacement for BPA-based polysulfones. Conceivably, several other Bisguaiacol based polysulfones such as bisguaiacol M, bisguaiacol S, bisguaiacol P, and bisguaiacol A-derived from substituted methoxy phenols could be produced in a similar fashion.


  • Renewable and safer alternative.
  • Maintains similar thermomechanical properties to BPA without nearly the amount of hazard risk.
  • Widespread applications and uses

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