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Evaluation of Betulin Derivatives Against the COVID-19 Virus

A research effort using an existing Betulin library to find a non-toxic triterpenoid analog effective against COVID-19 proliferation


Natural triterpenoids, including betulin, and derivatives thereof have been found to have anti-viral activity (Amiri et al. 2020, Hordyjewska et al. 2019, Santos da Silva et al. 2018, Kazakova et al. 2018, Wang et al 2015). Furthermore, a simple derivative, 2,28-diacetylbetulin, proved effective against respiratory syncytial virus (Santos da Silva et al. 2018). Betulin and triterpenoid derivatives have been in various clinical trials (Amiri et al. 2020) but bioavailability can be an issue. However, multiple solutions to this bioavailability problem have been forthcoming (Grymel et al. 2019, Ali-Seyed et al. 2016). In addition, triterpenoid derivatives appear to be nontoxic (Ali-Seyed et al. 2016).

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