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A Novel Monomer Family for High-Performance, Degradable Thermosetting Polyester Resins

A family of crosslinkers for the synthesis of hard, tough, and degradable polyester resins


Thermosets, or cross-linked polymers, are a class of materials with a permanent molecular architecture that can impart additional dimensional stability, enhanced tensile and impact strengths, improved elasticity, and reduced creep compared to their linear counterparts. These properties are essential for a wide range of applications in insulators, adhesives, pipes, construction and transportation.

The thermoset industry has been growing dramatically, with cross-linked polymers now constituting 15-20% of all polymers produced. However, the same thermomechanical properties responsible for their resistance and robustness prevent them from being recycled or reprocessed, and most thermosets are incinerated or landfilled. The lack of traditional waste management routes, coupled with the higher value potential applications, suggest that degradable cross-linked polymers could more readily offer a sustainable

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