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Morus Alba Extract for Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19

A well-defined Morus alba extract with characterized antiviral and antibacterial constituents


Mulberry (Morus sp.) is a medicinal plant used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). In addition, Morus sp. extract was shown to be active against influenza virus and pneumococci. For this reason, Morus alba was investigated as source for bioactive constituents that can be used in the fight of global corona-virus pandemic.

Technology Overview

The invention relates to a method for producing an enriched and well-defined extract of bioactive prenylated constituents of Morus alba. The quantitative ratio and composition of constituents contained in the extract causes a distinct in vitro inhibition of SARS-CoV2.

The standardized Morus alba extract was optimized towards:

  • High anti-acute respiratory infection activity
  • User-friendly production
  • Composition enriched in bioactive constituents

Further Details

Grienke et al.

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