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Detecting H1N1 Influenza A Using Wire-Guide Droplet Manipulations

A reprogrammable wire-guided droplet microfluidics tool for PCR assay that has potential for COVID-19 testing


There have been many attempts of incorporating the complete process of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assays into microchannels. The problem of these attempts is that the user cannot change the assay protocol or chip architecture easily.

Technology Overview

This technology comprises a reprogrammable digital microfluidics assembly, called wire-guided droplet microfluidics, wherein a droplet hangs at the end of a wire or a blunt end syringe needle and moves either over a superhydrophobic surface or within a hydrophobic liquid. The differences in the forces of adhesion to the needle wire and to the superhydrophobic surface/liquid enables the movements of a droplet following the movements of the needle wire. The wire-guided droplet microfluidics is totally reprogrammable and simple enough to be

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