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Bioinspired Liquid-Superrepellent Fibrillar Dry Adhesives

Extremely strong reversible dry adhesion with superrepellency towards all liquids


Since 2000, bioinspired fibrillar dry adhesives have been studied intensively culminating in commercial products already available on the market.

While the basic principles of fibrillar, reversible dry adhesives have been understood well, there are still engineering barriers and challenges to overcome; especially low cost and high volume production, and suitability for a wider range of real-world applications including manufacturing industry, robotics, sports, portable and wearable electronics, and medical devices, where low surface tension liquids such as oils are present on surfaces. Currently known fibrillar adhesives are fully wetted by oils, leading to significantly decreased adhesion and friction performance.

Therefore, a high demand exists for reversible dry fibrillar adhesives that can repel oil-like liquids and adhere strongly to surfaces wetted

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