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Conformal Passive RFID-like Sensors

Disposable wireless sensors that can be applied to complex surfaces to remotely measure their surroundings.


A majority of sensors on the market are rigid, flat wafers developed for use in mobile phones. Current flexible sensing platforms have targeted wearables or artificial e-skins for various healthcare and biomedical applications. This in turn has led to a focus on multimodality and multi-directionality to the detriment of cost and ease-of-use. In addition, there are a limited number that operate based on other deformation-triggered sensing principles, such as friction/slip and torsion.

Technology Overview

Tufts University investigators collaborating with researchers from Boston University have developed a disposable wireless sensor that can be applied to complex surfaces to measure remotely the physical and chemical properties of their surroundings ().

An RFID-like sensor consisting of a capacitor and inductor patterned on

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