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C3A Receptor Modulators

A first-in-class opportunity for treating inflammatory and metabolic diseases with potent small molecule receptor modulators.


Diseases driven by chronic inflammation are major burdens on our health system and controlling inflammation is an important preventative and therapeutic goal. Over 40 ‘Complement’ proteins are produced in blood or on cell surfaces, mainly through activation by infection/injury. These proteins ‘complement’ immune cells and antibodies to identify, tag, destroy and eliminate pathogens and infected or damaged cells, and repair tissues. If the inflammatory stimulus is not removed by localized acute immune responses, complement activation can be prolonged or misdirected to healthy cells, and chronic inflammation can lead to inflammatory or autoimmune diseases. Complement protein C3a stimulates important immune and metabolic responses. Its receptor (C3aR) is now believed to play important pathological roles in inflammatory and metabolic diseases and

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